Email Management System (EMS)

Our Email Management System (EMS) allows you to manage your company email accounts by creating multiple email addresses with the ability to reset passwords.
Why use a company email account:

It is more secure.
It creates a more professional image when interacting
with clients through email.
It provides a better monitoring and tracking of all emails
received and sent out of the organization.
It allows better management of your organizations’
confidential information

We provide you with an e-mail address and 5 Gig storage space for incoming e-mails in the same way that Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail works. You can access and send your emails from any computer connected to the Internet with a web-browser. Unlike Hotmail or Yahoo!, you can access your emails from home or work using programs like Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape Messenger, etc using POP3 through You can also receive an E-mail alert on your mobile phone (mobile phones must have e-mail compatibility; otherwise check your phone service provider).

Successful Websites
Happy Clients
Online Stores

Works with E-mail Software(POP3) like Microsoft® Outlook and Outlook® Express

Now you can manage your e-mail using the e-mail program on your PC like Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape, or other commonly used e-mail programs.
Using POP3 access with your e-mail from is easy. All you have to do is set it up once and your e-mail program will check for new e-mail, saving your messages directly on your PC. Now you don’t have to be connected to the Internet to view your saved messages. And you won’t have to delete messages because you’re running out of storage.

100% AD-FREE

Many e-mail providers attach promotional ads to every e-mail you send. And when you check your messages online, they disturb you with big banners and pop-up ads.
You have our promise that e-mail from will remain 100% ad free, so that your e-mails are always delivered just as you wrote them – with no ads attached. And when you use our Web-based e-mail to check your messages, all you’ll see is a clean, professional layout – without banner ads.

Industry Leading Spam Protection

Unsolicited e-mail (spam) is a serious problem for e-mail users. It has been estimated that
half of all e-mail traffic is now unsolicited, and the number is growing. Distracting and
unwanted e-mail can overwhelm you, making your e-mail unmanageable. E-mail from protects you and your business from spam. Your e-mailbox is protected by a patented, real-time spam detection system which eTesting Labs called the most effective anti-spam solution. When mass unsolicited e-mails are sent, they are detected almost instantly by the network and stopped before they reach you

Web Interface With All The Leading Features

E-mail from offers a full featured Web mail interface that includes: e-mail
forwarding, auto-reply messages, auto signatures, address book, personal calendar,
filtering capabilities and message search. Every e-mailbox comes with 10MB Web storage,
and if that’s not enough, you can order more storage whenever you need it