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Social Media Marketing

is gaining attention for your organization through social media sites. Over the years it has been observed that for businesses; although there may be a wide range of offered products, there is a far greater demand for growth based on the uniqueness of your organizational brand will offer.

Social Media has fundamentally changed how consumers will engage with your brand. Through our consulting technique we will grow your business with solid customer service approach, an increased awareness plan and competitive strategies through social media sites.

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Social Media will be used on your behalf to:

• Build relationships that make your brand more trusted.
• Differentiate your brand through emotional connections that make the brand more
remarkable and unmistakable.
• Nurture loyal fans, and create new powerful brand advocates.
Through the use of these factors and new strategies we have devised to fulfill the unrealized
potential of your organization, you will gain from increased sales, boost in market awareness while achieving a sustainable competitive edge and increase the reoccurrence of existing customers.

Through the creation of a new marketing model we will attempt to generate an invention of new values for customers which will in turn create a marked improvement in organizational growth. Our social media marketing will work to produce content that draws awareness and persuade users to not only visit corporate website but to also like and share it with their social networks.

Social Media Marketing service can be summarized by the following:

1. Identifying the targeted customers, analysing their needs and designing strategies which generate values that will match their expectations.
2. Developing a new system through social media in order to achieve a high level of
customer awareness and an increased level of satisfaction.
3. Developing robust data collection drive which will go towards increasing your customer base.
4. Implementing new promotional strategies such as seasonal specials, also the creation of a buzz in the slow periods by issuing discounts as well as catchy special packages.

Some Social Media Marketing Benefits includes:

1. Ability to take full advantage of its current strength:
• Creation of Twitter® and facebook® accounts so as to generate constant awareness on fan pages.
• This includes the building of strategies and operation modes around profitable services as well as to increase the awareness of less gainful services which will in turn increase sales.


2. Marked expansion of customer base:
• Follow up with all new customers to ensure that their experience at your organization was a memorable one which will ensure positive future recommendations to other potential customers.
• Networking will also be conducted by our Social Media Marketing Consultant by
attending social events to promote your business as well as becoming part of local
associations that are tailored to your company’s purpose


3. Increased Return time for customers:
• This will be achieved through the creation of Discount cards as well as loyalty cards, all specifically tailored to your requirements; the samples of which we can provide at your request.

4. Increased Sales:
• This will be achieved through a robust social marketing campaign on your behalf to your ever increasing client base.
• Flyers of new ideas or specials will be worded, designed and marketed to your e-mail base on your behalf.