Blue Peak Digital specializes in highly creative, result oriented design for print and web. Our goal is simple: to increase the impact of your promotional materials to help you attract more customers. Whether you are an up-and coming company in need of professional brand building design or a large corporation looking for a reliable outsource department, we have the perfect solution. We are a full service studio offering complete project fulfilment in both print and web media. What this means is that not only can we design attention-getting logos, business cards, brochures, postcards, web sites and more, but we carry them through production for you as well. Your design can be printed, your postcards mailed, your web site hosted and maintained. Whatever your needs, we are capable.

We have proven our capabilities by working with some of Jamaica’s top brands; each new project is approached with a fresh, collaborative spirit to ensure the best, most compelling work possible. Our emphasis is on combining simplicity with elegance to create sophisticated yet intuitive designs.

We are commercial artists, with a responsibility to the brand and the product we have agreed to help promote. We try to keep in mind the equal responsibility we have as artists, to do what artists have always done; respond to, reflect upon and of course, influence
the world.

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